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Information about the doctor:
Anadolu University - Faculty of Health
DHI Hair Transolantation Certificate Training - (2013)
FUE Hair Transolantation Certificate Training - (2014)
Certificate of Success in Hair Transplantation - (2016)
Semih Alev, who graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Health, worked as a manager at the Hospitalium Hospital and Memorial Hospital, Turkey's largest Hospitals, respectively. After his successful training in the field of Hair Transplantation, he started working in the field of hair transplantation at Ethica Hospital. He is currently working as a hair transplant specialist and coordinator at Medicana Hospital, which is a health quality award-winning clinic under Este in Turkey
Semih Alev
Experience of 13 years
Work experience
Hospitalium Hospital Health Directorate (2019-2010)
Memorial Hospital - Manager of the Emergency Service Department (2010-2011)
Ethica Hospital - Hair Transplant Specialist (2011-2016)
Hospitaleste - Hair Transplant Specialist (2016-2019 )
Academic Hospital - Hair Transplant Department Coordinator (2019-2022)
Este in Turkey - Hair Transplantation and Department Coordinator (2022-today)
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Dr. Semih Alev is an exceptional hair transplant specialist and trichology consultant. I recently underwent a hair transplantation procedure under his care, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Dr. Alev's expertise and precision in performing the transplant were evident throughout the entire process. He provided thorough consultations, addressing all my concerns and explaining the procedure in detail. The results were beyond my expectations, and I highly recommend Dr. Semih Alev for anyone seeking hair transplantation or trichology consultations.
Evelyn, 20.09.2023
Verified reviews about the doctor:
I consulted Dr. Semih Alev for my persistent hair and scalp problems, and I was thoroughly impressed with his professionalism and extensive knowledge in the field of trichology. He patiently listened to my concerns, conducted a comprehensive examination, and formulated a personalized treatment plan. His recommendations and guidance have significantly improved my hair and scalp health. Dr. Alev's expertise and genuine care for his patients make him a standout trichologist. I'm grateful for his help and highly recommend his services.
Nolan, 13.08.2023
Silas Montgomery, 05.08.2023
Dr. Semih Alev and his team provided me with a fantastic experience during my hair transplantation procedure. From the initial consultation to the actual surgery and post-operative care, Dr. Alev was attentive, skilled, and compassionate. He explained the entire process, making sure I was comfortable and well-informed. The results have been amazing, and my confidence has received a significant boost. If you're considering a hair transplant, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Semih Alev for his expertise and exceptional patient care.
Michael, 03.07.2023
Dr. Semih Alev is not only an extremely knowledgeable trichologist but also a compassionate and caring professional. He took the time to thoroughly understand my hair and scalp issues, providing detailed explanations and offering a treatment plan tailored to my needs. Dr. Alev's approach made me feel at ease and confident that I was in good hands. My hair health has improved significantly under his care, and I am grateful for his expertise. I highly recommend Dr. Semih Alev to anyone seeking trichology consultations.
Dr. Semih Alev is a remarkable hair transplant specialist who delivers outstanding results. I recently had a hair transplant procedure done by Dr. Alev, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. His attention to detail, skill, and dedication to achieving natural-looking results are truly commendable. Throughout the process, he ensured I was comfortable and informed, taking the time to address all my concerns. Dr. Alev's patient-centric approach sets him apart, and I highly recommend his expertise to anyone considering a hair transplant procedure.
Robert, 16.06.2023
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