Hair is falling out: is it already baldness or the volume can be restored?

Hair is one of the indicators of human health. Brittle, dry hair and hair loss can be symptoms of the disease or the result of excessive mechanical effect. Usually, people don’t immediately notice that a problem has begun. However, if this question bothers you, let's try to figure it out.

To begin with, is hair loss always a bad thing? No, it isn’t, of course.
There is a norm.

Normally, hair falls out every day. They are constantly growing and have a life cycle from 3 to 6 years.

Every day a healthy person loses about 100 hairs (the number is individual).
The main indicators of the norm:
· Hair volume stays the same
· Dense hair texture
· Presence of growing hairs
· No dandruff

Therefore, don’t be scared if you notice hair on a comb, a pillow or clothes in a small amount. This is the renewal process.

What is not the norm
The most obvious signs of the beginning of problems:
· Changing the hairline
· Hair becomes thin and brittle
· Dandruff, itching, dry or oily scalp

People notice some signs right away: for example, dandruff or itching. But some of them they perceive a little later. The main thing is not to worry too much and add stress. Stress can greatly affect the condition of the hair and scalp, and we will tell you about this in the following articles.

For now, let's have a look.
What you can do
To begin with, you need to identify the real problem, its stage and causes.
These steps will help you:

A specialist who can tell you exactly why your hair began to fall out. The trichologist conducts diagnostics, sometimes prescribes additional investigations or tests, and, based on the results, prescribes remedies for hair restoration.

iHairium Rapid Diagnosis
An application that uses artificial intelligence to determine the problem of the scalp and hair. iHairium conducts photo diagnostics and gives recommendations for home care to restore volume.

Get diagnostics in our app:
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The photo and filling out the questionnaire will take only 10 minutes.

IHairium does not replace doctor’s advice. Our mission is to be the first aid for you and doctors to provide reliable, accurate and independent information about hair and scalp problems.

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