iHairium is your own home hair and scalp healthcare service which uses the benefits of artificial intelligence for analyzing the issues and choosing a personal solution of care.

Only 3 steps to a better result:
1. Go through the questionnaire
2. Get recommendations from AI
3. Follow your own healthcare way

More than 320 million people in the world (men and women) are trying to find a solution to their hair loss problem, so the iHairium team created this service with support of experienced doctors.

Use the app to:
1. Find out the condition of your hair and possible issues
2. Get hair and scalp care recommends
3. Track the dynamics of hair and scalp condition
4. Search the hair and scalp care products

The service will be helpful::
1. For Men and Women
2. When it's hard to find a specialist nearby or don't know what to do
3. When you want to keep track of your hair and scalp
4. When you want to choose your care products
5. When you don't have time or it’s expensive to search for a solution
6. If you don't understand the medical terms – AI will give you a detailed recommendation described in simple words

Advantages of the service for you:

AI – Artificial intelligence determines the condition of your hair, scalp and recommends what to do next. However, the data is for informational purposes only and doesn't replace professional medical advice or consultation with healthcare professionals.

Diagnostics – for online hair and scalp analysis by a simple questionnaire including photos, you save a lot of time compared to independently searching for information and solutions.

Recommendations – you will get personality advice based on 200 parameters analyzed by AI written in simple and understandable words with links to suitable care products.

Catalog – the pages with more than 100+ products where you can find everything you need for hair and scalp care, including products from AI recommendations. Created for informational purposes with links to online-stores.

Tracker – With this feature you can track the dynamics of the hair and scalp care and view its history by photos of weeks and activity notes. And will remind you when you should make the next check-up.

Profile – include opportunity to note your allergies, chronic diseases and other health data that will always be at hand.

About 60% of men and women who have had Covid-19 and its new forms notice increased hair loss during and after the disease. Our service will help you keep track of the possible changes.

There are contraindications for use. The data is only for informational purposes only and doesn't replace professional medical advice or consultation with healthcare professionals.

Otherwise, you can send your ideas and feedback to:

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