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How to choose products for restoring the health of the hair?

At the first sign of a change in the condition of the hair and scalp, people often do not know what to do. There are no definite rules, as with teeth: if it hurts you will go to the dentist.

There are many methods of hair restoration and various products: serum lotions, oils, vitamins, acupuncture, and etc. Some of them help, some products are popular because of good marketing. And to understand what really works you need to ask someone.

Who is most often asked about hair loss?
Relatives and friends
The easiest way is to contact someone you trust and who has already been through this. In this case, close people advise those remedies that have helped them, but they do not often understand the true causes of problems.
Hair loss can be the result of excessive stress, heredity, or a variety of other factors. And shampoo that helped one person may not help another one. The main thing here is to find your own real reason.

Surfing the Internet
In this case, you will find 10-20 different answers to the same question. Almost everyone experiences dry and oily hair or sudden loss of hair volume. People often share this information online to help others.
Some products and techniques help some people, but do not help others. In most cases, this is only a subjective experience. Therefore, instead of checking all theories and other people's experience, it is better to immediately contact a specialist.

Specialists - trichologists
Trichologists are specialists who help professionally identify and solve scalp and hair problems. He collects anamnesis, examines, sometimes prescribes tests and helps to individually select the care products to restore hair health.

We believe that contacting a specialist is the best way to find the right solution to a problem. Because he has a scientific base, experience, techniques for analysis and gives independent recommendations for restoration.

At the same time, we understand that it is not always desirable to immediately visit the doctor. Therefore, together with a team of trichologists, we developed the iHairium application. It is the first independent tool. Accessible to everyone, trained by trichologists and based on advanced scientific research.

The application helps you figure out what problem you are facing now, which home care is right for you and whether you need specialist’s advice. To do this, you need just to upload a photo and answer a few questions.

Get diagnostics in our app:
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Filling out the questionnaire will only take 10 minutes.

IHairium does not replace doctor’s advice. Our mission is to be the first aid for you and doctors to provide reliable, accurate and independent information about hair and scalp problems.