All diseases studied in trichology can be divided into two groups

All diseases studied in trichology can be divided into two groups:

- Hair diseases or abnormalities of the hair shaft,

- Skin diseases.

Hair shaft damage can cause hair breakage, which often looks like alopecia.

Causes of hair shaft damage:

- combing,

- Aggressive grooming and styling products,

- Frequent coloring,

- perming hair,

- Frequent heat treatments.

In this case the scales of the hair cuticle flake off and the hair breaks. Many of these problems can be solved by proper care.

Alopecia refers to conditions when a hair does not break, but falls out with the root. There are different types:

- Focal alopecia,

- postpartum alopecia,

- tractional,

- symptomatic,

- Male pattern baldness,

- female pattern baldness.

The causes of hair loss are different, and therefore the treatment is different. That is why diagnosis is so important.

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