Work with patients faster and easier
AI service-assistant for trichologists, dermatologists and nutritionists
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your time more efficient
is 20%
– Easy diagnosis
– 3 times more patients from all over the world
– Clients are not in private
messages, but in the working
Hair and scalp diagnosis in 7 minutes right in your phone
Will reduce the time of the first appointment
Will increase loyalty thanks to technological effectiveness
Trained by trichologists
on the basis of 200,000 studies and hands-on practice.
98.7% Accuracy
Take the diagnosis on your own
More clients online from different countries
iHairium is already being used by more than 50,000 people from 30 countries
Any of them can become your patient
Communication in the work environment
There is no need to be distracted by unscheduled calls or search for messages in your personal correspondence. All communication with your patients is in the app
+ Information on diagnoses and treatments is also saved there
A chance to get
into the top of the world's best specialists
More than 100 doctors are already with iHairium
Andrew Dutton
Ann Bargeman
Frank Attwood
Mabel Chandter
David Navarrete
Nathan Dunce
We are inviting for cooperation trichologists, dermatologists and nutritionists
There are also special conditions for hairdressers
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