Evidence-based trichology is available to everyone
that's how we see the future.
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Start with AI diagnostics
- Fast and accurate diagnosis using AI
- Real clinically proven recovery techniques
– Access to a specialist at any time, in any country
Solving the problems of 750 million people
There are so many people searching daily for an inexpensive and effective way to get rid of:
Hair loss
Scalp disorders
Dryness and brittleness
Greasiness and itching
Trichology in your city
you may not be able to find the right trichologist
300 $
Appointment only in 1-2 months
Need to drive to the clinic or to someone in another city
You have to travel to every appointment, and you can buy professional cosmetics only at the clinic
highly qualified doctors working
99 $
Works 24/7
All you need to do is log into the app on your phone
Always in touch with your doctor, even if you have to go away. and the products can be ordered with delivery
+ fast self-diagnosis at any time
+ privacy
+ possibility to choose the clinic for the transplant
+ health tracker and visual progress
+ working tips from doctors in the blog
Consultation fee
Trained by trichologists on the basis of 200,000 studies and hands-on practice.
98,7 % Accuracy
Introducing innovations in medicine
AI-diagnosis of hair and scalp based on photo
4 times faster and more profitable
+ we implement neural networks to optimize the collaboration between clinics and patients
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Our priorities in development
Accessibility for everyone, regardless of time, price and country
Common space for healthy hair and scalp
Technology implementation and industry development
High quality of services, products and support
Combining the needs of people and business
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Founder, CEO
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partners and people satisfied with their health are on the way
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