Hair loss is a problem for many, regardless of age

By the age of 30-40, almost everyone's hair begins to thin and thin.

Normally, a person loses 100 - 150 hairs per day. When washing your hair or combing, or when rubbing against clothes.

At first glance, this process may not be noticeable. And it often happens because of stress, poor nutrition or sleep patterns, emotional burnout, depression, past illnesses like Covid-19 or omicron.

How to understand that the frequency of your hair requires special care?

Contact a trichologist - a specialist who will prescribe treatment

It is very risky to try the methods of friends, relatives, bloggers, as these are often individual recommendations and they do not help everyone

If you don't have time to go to the doctor yet, you can get an analysis in our application. IHairium will tell you if you can only do with home care, or if you need the help of a specialist.

15 minutes - and the answer is in your phone.

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