How to use coconut oil for hair

With the development of modern technology, the cosmetic market is filled with many different beauty products. Manufacturers claim that they all contain only natural ingredients, keratins and firming agents. In fact, it turns out that there are a lot of parabens, industrial silicones and mineral oils. Unlike natural coconut oil, they do not nourish the curls from the inside, guaranteeing only a short-term effect.

Coconut oil   is an excellent nourishing, antibacterial and moisturizing agent, if you know the secrets of its proper use. Natural ingredients for curl care have been used for a long time and show a much more lasting effect than cosmetic novelties. Ayurveda recommends using coconut oil for hair growth. Drying oil perfectly nourishes hair follicles, fights dandruff, restores natural shine and radiance to strands.

Which coconut oil for hair should you choose?
Like all natural drying oils, coconut can be unrefined and refined. There is a significant difference in the appearance and cosmetic properties of drying oil. Refined has already passed several degrees of purification and has lost some of its nutrients, but it is recommended to apply it on sensitive scalp. The fact is that unrefined oil is very fatty and concentrated, so it can cause irritation and even a rash. Using a refined product for masks and in its pure form, you will ensure gentle care for your skin. 
The unrefined product, which is a thick white mixture with a very rich coconut scent, is best for ends. Caring for split ends of hair requires patience and a series of consistent procedures. Due to the properties of coconut drying oil, the tips seem to be “sealed”, the so-called lamination effect occurs. Hair receives an additional protective film, which gradually dissolves and nourishes them from the inside.

Useful properties of coconut products
Cream and milk can also be made from a marvelous exotic nut. They are recommended to be added to the diet to saturate the body with fatty acids from the inside. Cream has a high fat content and is suitable for application to the skin and hair, but is especially tasty as an addition to coffee or tea. What coconut oil does for your hair:
  • Nutrition and hydration;
  • Strengthening and protection;
  • Structure restoration;
  • Natural shine and bright color;
  • Antiseptic action.

It is worth noting that using coconut drying oil on dyed hair should be done with caution. It is able to actively restore the natural color, which means it has a bad effect on the paint, contributing to its dissolution. Dry and weakened hair will receive complete care, nutrition and restoration from coconut products. Fatty - antibacterial protection and strengthening, but it is better to apply oil on the skin to avoid quick greasy curls.