How we got the idea to create iHairium

Hi. I am Ilya, the founder of the company

The idea for the startup came to me when he was the director of a trichology clinic.

I noticed that almost all patients

- research the Internet before coming to the doctor and come very prepared

- people are very anxious all the time until they notice the first results (on their own/coming in for a second appointment)

- coming to the clinic depends on the weather - many people cancel appointments in the rain

- Most of the first appointment consisted of an interview and medical history.

I realized that it is possible to make the first appointment remotely to save time and nerves of the patients. The problem remained to be solved - how to replace the instrument with a trichoscope?

It turned out that using a neural network, it was possible to turn a phone into a trichoscope and analyze patient questionnaires.

And then we had already come up with the idea that this could be a full-fledged assistant who accompanies the person all the way to the solution of the problem.

I advise you to go through the diagnosis of your hair in our application by clicking on the link or through the QR code