A simple test for hair loss activity

The daily loss of 50-150 hairs does not affect the density of your hair because the hair follicle maturation cycle is asynchronous, that is, all hairs are in different phases.

But how do you know how much hair you're losing in a day?

There is a relatively simple subjective-objective way to determine hair loss activity that anyone can do at home. This is a traction test or hair tension test.

To do this test is simple.

Grasp a strand of hair with your fingers and pull moderately.

Do not pull the hair out with force, but pull calmly.

The best time to do the test is 24 hours after you wash your hair.

Normally, after 4-6 pulls, you may have 1-2 hairs left in your hands. With pathological hair loss, 3-10 or more hairs will remain in the hand after each traction.

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