Here are five things you shouldn't do if you're showing signs of hair loss

1. Do not wash your hair infrequently.

The sebum produced by infrequent washing can inflame the skin and make hair loss worse. On the contrary, trichologists recommend cleansing your skin thoroughly during these periods - using active oil-controlling shampoos and exfoliating products.

2. You should not try to limit the amount of hair combing you do in an attempt to keep it from falling out.

If hair is not brushed out in time, dead hair will mechanically prevent new hair from growing in its place. 3.

3 We shouldn't be in the sun without a hat.

The proven detrimental effect of UV light on hair loss.

4. Oil must not be rubbed into the scalp.

The scalp is an area of very high sebum secretion. The additional application of oils, which have a comedogenic effect, can contribute to inflammation, dandruff and sore skin and exacerbate hair loss.

5. Above all, don't panic.

After all, stress is a factor in hair loss, and it can prolong hair loss caused by other factors.

It's worth remembering that sudden, severe hair loss is often triggered by a medical condition, medication and other temporary factors and can go away on its own.

Panic comes from uncertainty. The mission of the IHarium team is to help you with the diagnosis at an early stage.

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