What is hair restoration: beauty secrets

People all over the world suffer from hair breakage and hair loss. The structure of the hair tends to collapse due to the influence of various adverse factors. To restore the natural structure of the curl, cosmetologists offer various series of nourishing and ultra-moisturizing products. Unique ampoules with amino acids, keratin masks and nourishing oils are designed to give our curls a natural shine and a healthy look. But what do our strands really need?

Proponents of deep regeneration of the hair structure believe that nutrition should come first from the inside. That is, masks and cosmetic procedures should be combined with a properly selected  complex of vitamins. It is the complex of mineral components, vitamins and amino acids that will help improve the condition of the hairstyle, and at the same time the whole body. Rejuvenation, like any recovery, comes primarily from within, although external influences should not be underestimated.

The deterioration of the condition of curls contributes to:
  • use of hair dryers, irons, curling irons
  • use of aggressive styling products
  • low-quality or inappropriate shampoos
  • adverse environmental conditions

All this actively contributes to the occurrence of fragility and the destruction of protein bonds. Cosmetics are full of a large selection of balms, masks and shampoos that promise instant improvement. But do not hope that a regular mask will immediately restore shine and health to your curls. And although even folk remedies can be a worthy alternative to modern methods of hair revitalization, if the damage is serious enough, then it is better to pay attention to professional remedies.

What is keratin repair?
In fact, keratins are fibrillar proteins, inferior in composition only to chitin. They consist of the horny layers of the epidermis of the skin, hair, nails, rhinoceros horns, bird beaks, and so on. Not so long ago, scientists have learned to synthesize keratin artificially, thereby opening the way to the natural regeneration of curls, skin and nail structures.

In the public domain, you can buy various products for curls containing keratin. A variety of serums and masks have only a gentle effect, they help strengthen curls and saturate them with useful substances, but do not have a regenerating effect. By the way, the presence of keratin in the composition is not yet an indicator of the effectiveness of the product. The molecule is too large for complete natural assimilation, so the action of mass-market cosmetics is more likely to maintain than to revitalize the strands.

Keratin restoration is carried out by a special professional tool. To do this, the hair is first cleaned in the salon, then a mask is applied that saturates them with keratin, and then a fixing shampoo. After such a procedure, the hairstyle looks the best, the hair shines with health and beauty. Do not confuse keratin restoration with straightening. The first has a healing effect, and the second is more suitable for leveling curls. Straightening involves the use of a flat iron and exposure to high temperatures, which greatly destroys the natural keratin in the hair strands. So be careful when choosing a recovery tool!