Minoxidil "for" and "against"

"For" and "against" minoxidil

The drug has been used in the treatment of hair loss for a long time, but until now doctors cannot come to a consensus on its account. Someone prescribes it at any stage of hair loss, while others only in the late stages of AHA development.

Arguments "FOR"

Minoxidil stimulates growth well in any type of hair loss
It can be used for a short time to stimulate hair growth in focal hair loss and for a long time to treat AHA.
Application only 1-2 times a day
The drug dries quickly and does not create a feeling of a "dirty" head.
Universal for men and women.

Arguments "AGAINST"

Minoxidil dilates blood vessels, but is effective only for the duration of application.
The primary therapeutic effect appears after 3-4 months, and long-term use is necessary to maintain a lasting effect.
Withdrawal syndrome and gradual addiction require a constant increase in dosage.
There are allergic reactions and other side effects in the form of hypertrichosis, hypotension, headaches and swelling of the extremities

How then is it better to use minoxidil

Most doctors agree that it should be prescribed individually, weighing all the pros and cons, starting from the current state of hair loss and scalp. In the modern world, combinations of minoxidil with antiandrogenic drugs are increasingly practiced. As well as a gradual transition to safer analogues to achieve better results and maintain volume.