COVID-19 and hair loss

Three years have passed since COVID-19 appeared, but post-COVID condition is still relevant, and we are still working on the treatment.

Hair loss occurs with about half of the people who have had the disease. Some of the causes are considered to be: an increase in stress levels, taking medications (antivirals, antibiotics) and severe vitamin deficiencies in the body.

Scientists from the United States have found that 90% of women experienced diffuse telogen hair loss. In the survey, all of the women noted an increased level of stress, also 80% of the patients were treated with antibiotics and other medications, and 70% were hospitalized.
Peculiarity of post-COVID hair loss:
It can start either after a week or after several months. Everything depends on the severity of the course and the amount of drugs taken. Normally, hair shedding should stop on its own after 3-6 months without any additional therapy. However, you should not be relaxed, since in most cases, hair loss is so pronounced that the body cannot compensate for the volume, areas of hair thinning or baldness begin to form. In this case, it is essential to use growth stimulants.

COVID-19 also provokes the development of androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia due to the coronavirus infection is more common among men than among women. In addition, it begins to develop earlier. Researchers from Spain and Brazil were the first to report this, pointing to a higher prevalence of androgenetic alopecia among the men hospitalized with COVID-19, as compared to healthy men of the same age.

In the treatment of hair loss after COVID-19 external therapy with hair growth stimulants, injection and hardware methods are used.

Replenishment of mineral and micronutrient deficiencies plays a crucial role, because in the course of the disease our body spends a lot of them for recovery. And further deficiency may provoke long-term hair loss.

Therapy is selected individually, depending on age, baseline data, contraindications, taking medications and the severity of the COVID.
Post-COVID diffuse hair loss is one of the most well-treatable types of hair loss, and with the proper therapy, hair growth and quality can be restored fairly quickly.

When post-COVID hair loss transforms into androgenetic hair loss, the treatment takes longer, however with the right treatment you can get a good dynamic.
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