How to determine what happened to your hair?

This is not such a simple question.
The causes of loss can be divided into several categories:

If you have noticed that all your relatives do not have thick hair after 40 years, then most likely this is your case. Although genes are also not a verdict - the same ones may or may not work, depending on the environment

Transferred. And hair loss is a consequence of exhaustion of the body
Current ones. Perhaps some kind of autoimmune or sluggish chronic disease

Emotions and stress
Under the influence of prolonged stress and a surge of emotions, many physical changes can occur in the body that are not immediately noticeable

Inappropriate care
Perhaps you have a sensitive scalp and you just need to choose the right cosmetics for washing.

What exactly affects your hair the most now is very easy to find out.
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We do not give medical opinions, but we will tell you if you need to contact a trichologist. And we will recommend a care that will already significantly improve your hair

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