How IHairium can help

Hi! We promised to tell you how IHairium can help.

And here's what he can do for you at any time:

analysis of hair and scalp.

First aid, which will determine whether you need to go to a trichologist or not. You will find out exactly what problem you have. The percentage of coincidence of AI diagnoses with doctors' diagnoses is 98%

Recommendations for care

He will tell you what you will need to do to improve the condition of your hair. Offers different options of cosmetics, massages and will tell you the frequency of application.

Will help to order cosmetics.

Our team does not belong to any cosmetic company, so all recommended shampoos and lotions are selected solely on their effectiveness. And to make it convenient for you, you can order them directly in the app.

It will show how progress is going.

You can record changes in the condition of your scalp and hair in a diary. It will be easier to enjoy the changes this way

It will help to ask a question to the doctor

If you want to contact a trichologist, you can contact him at any time directly in the application.

All data is stored in your personal account and is available only to you.

Convince yourself of the usefulness of the application, by clicking on the link or through the QR code