Caffeine and hair growth

Did you know that caffeine has more than just a tonic effect? It stimulates blood circulation and metabolic processes in tissues, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, and is also an antioxidant. But to feel it, you need to drink a lot of coffee, which will have a bad effect on your health.

So, what to do? There is a solution. The products for the scalp with caffeine will help us.

It started in 1905, when the German pharmacist August Wolf began to study the effect of caffeine on hair growth of men, and received positive results. In the future, many scientists studied this issue, and we got modern products with caffeine.

So far, German researchers have isolated 600 hair follicles from the scalp of about 20-30 men and grown them in the laboratory. They found that the addition of caffeine stimulated the growth of 46% of the follicles.

Recent studies have shown that caffeine is effective in treating one of the most difficult types of men’s hair loss - androgenetic alopecia. Caffeine in the composition of therapeutic lotions easily penetrates the skin barrier, stimulates the flow of blood and energy to the hair follicles. By doing this, it awakens them, increasing the growth of new hair, prolongs the hair growth phase, and also neutralizes the influence of dihydrotestosterone, the main culprit of androgenetic hair loss. A reduction of scalp greasiness and a reduction of dandruff can be added to the positive effects of caffeine.

Now we have a large number of products that contain caffeine, which are successfully used in the treatment of various hair loss. Combining it with other herbal ingredients: dwarf palm, ginkgo biloba, ginseng and others, improves the penetration depth and effect.

Your personal IHairium service will help you choose the right product with caffeine and other active ingredients for your scalp type. There are only tested and really working products with a safe dosage.