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Start with a free diagnosis and get a solution today
Restore volume to your hair without a transplant
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You will find a solution
to the problems of
Hair loss
Brittle and dull hair
Severe damage
Excessively oily scalp
Dryness, itching, dandruff and rashes
Choose from a variety of shampoos, masks, and home care choices options
Get healthy and strong hair online
Conspicuous baldness
– 3 times faster

– With methods proven to work
Hereditary baldness
Hair loss during pregnancy
How it works:
treatment plan
Treatment plans are designed in conjunction with top trichologists so you can restore the health and beauty of your hair.
A selection of home care for your hair and scalp type
Shampoos, masks, rinses and other products to make your hair smooth and full of strength.
Test Result
Download your test results to understand normal ranges and the significance of high and low values.
Get Online consultations with trichologists and dermatologists.
24 / 7
Replace your initial
doctor's appointment
Online consultations with trichologists and dermatologists.
Online consultations with trichologists and dermatologists.
Get an AI-driven diagnosis of your
hair and scalp in 7 minutes
Instead of a trichoscope, machine vision will identify your problems from photos and make initial recommendations today
Get assistance in choosing a clinic for hair transplantation
Advanced hair transplantation techniques: FUE, FUT
98% visual inspection
Duration of surgery 4-6 hours with local anesthesia
Select a clinic from the top 100 clinics worldwide
Success stories
Receive recommendations from internationally qualified trichologists
Сontinue your journey with iHairium right now, without leaving your home!
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Healthy hair is now available to everyone
partner clinics
trichologists, dermatologists and nutritionists
brands of cosmetics and hair products
online consultations
hair transplants
37 000 diagnoses
50,000 users in 30 countries
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  • Personal profile with analysis of results
  • Treatment plans developed in collaboration with leading doctors
  • Access to all services
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Minoxidil "for" and "against"
The drug has been used in the treatment of hair loss for a long time, but until now doctors cannot come to a consensus on its account. Someone prescribes it at any stage of hair loss, while others only in the late stages of AHA development.
Minoxidil: how it works and when it is prescribed
Minoxidil is a drug that has been prescribed for many years to stimulate hair growth. It is available as a 2% and 5% lotion and foam.
Traction alopecia
Traction alopecia or the disease of tight hairstyles is hair loss associated with frequent pulling, which damages the hair follicle and the hair shaft area.
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