3-7 times more customers and less operational activity
iHairium for business
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Для специалистов
Для бизнеса
О нас
– Implementing technology
– Simplifying work with AI
– Increasing the number and loyalty of customers
Profitable for
Hair treatment and transplant clinics
Brands of hair growth massagers and products
Brands of vitamins and dietary supplements
Cosmetic hair care brands
Blood test labs
Cosmetology and beauty salons
How we do it
We simplify the process of hair and scalp diagnosis
50 000 +
people have already been diagnosed
The app conducts
photo-based hair
and scalp diagnosis in 7 minutes
It helps:
Clinics speed up first-time appointments
Cosmetologists and salons select treatments faster and more accurately
Users from 30 countries will see it every day
Your clinic or laboratory can be listed in our app
Enter your brand
to the global market
We add your hair care products to the catalog and recommend them to our customers
We will together determine the countries of distribution and the speed of scaling up
Less operational activity
More clients without advertising costs
We connect you to the CRM-system, which automates work with clients and we enter new clients into your database by ourselves.
Hurry up to become a partner under the most favorable conditions
We attract traffic from 11 different sites that will increase your revenue streams
We are independently responsible for posting and updating the product information
App Store
Social networks
There is an opportunity to be ranked in the TOP 100 clinics from around the world
Specially for clinics
Enhance your competitive advantage
Already over 70 partners worldwide
Be one step ahead of your competitors
As well as special conditions for hairdressers
Contact us:
iHairium Inc, 2022
8, The Green, STE A Dover, Delaware, 19901 USA