Hair transplant
in the best clinics of the world

3 times more profitable and faster
Online service No. 1 for searching hair transplant clinics
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Hair transplant
in the best clinics of the world
3 times more profitable and faster
Online service No. 1 for searching hair transplant clinics
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Hair transplant
in the best clinics of the world
3 times more profitable and faster
Online service No. 1 for searching hair transplant clinics
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1.Diagnose for free the condition of the scalp and hair
2. Help select several good clinics all over the world.
3. Collect all documents, organize transfer (taxi, planes, trains)
4. Choose a comfortable hotel or an appartment next to clinic for you
5. Bring you to the clinic for a consultation with a doctor and transplantation (duration of transplantation is 4-6 hours)
6. Provide online personal doctors support until your full recovery
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Get a free diagnosis and get the exact timing and cost of hair transplantation
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  • They really took care of all the problems and I have just arrived like on vacation where I had a hair transplant :)))

  • They prepared everything so fast and I went to Turkey where I stayed at the hotel and had an appointment in clinic where I consulted the doctors. Super. Thanks!!
  • I found the iHairium service and contacted the company, and eventually sent my man to Turkey. And now he is happy, and so I am :)
  • I am an IT specialist, I love services that help solve problems. So I have just run into one - my hair fell out :))
    I found iHairium, got in touch, went to Turkey and now everything is ok :))
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profitable and easier
This is not an advertisement of one clinic. We want everyone to be able to get high-quality transpant.
Independent service
with advanced technologies and high quality service
Only proven clinics
Turkey No. 1 in the world in terms of quality and cost of services, due to the large flow of patients from all over the world
We know where the best quality and price
From $818
From $2500
From $3500
From $3500
From $4000
From $4250
FUE is a method that is considered an exclusive complex technique in Germany, but it is a standard procedure for doctors in Turkey. It costs 2 times cheaper.
– flight
– accommodation in the best hotels
– clinic with high quality service
You can afford for less cost:
come for hair transplant from all over the world to Turkey
More than 180,000 people a year
High level of medical education in Turkey
Low cost, in comparison with Europe and America
От $4250
От $4000
От $3500
От $3500
От $2500
От $818
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Get a hair transplant cost
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We cooperate with accredited clinics that have performed at least 10,000 successful transplants
2-3 days and you have a new hairstyle
11 years of work
10 years of work
17 years of work
We will select the best one for you
+200 clinics around the world
The latest equipment
Advanced Hair Transplant Techniques: FUE, FUT
The duration of the operation is 4-6 hours with local anesthesia
Get a free diagnostic and find out which transplant method is right for you
from the first contact
Concierge service
Get the cost and terms of hair transplantation from our manager
Comfortable rooms or apartments near the clinic
Tickets to the clinic and back in any country
on any issues
in the selected country
Interpreter services
Collection of necessary documents
You do not need to worry about how to get a quick consultation if you had the operation in another country
IHairium doctors’ help untill full recovery
for 15-30 days
You will go through the healing stage with us
Head of medicine
Doctor dermatologist
Easy to track progress
We have created a special application so that you can:

  • Monitor progress in online tracking
  • Ask questions to doctors at any time
  • Keep all data at your fingertips
  • Keep the volume for a long time, with the help of topical tips
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