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The Ultimate Platform for Hair Care Products,
Hair Restoration Cosmetics and Supplements
– Global marketplace of hair care and treatment
cosmetics, supplements and other products
– Direct connection to your target audience
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The Ultimate Platform for Hair Care Products,
Hair Restoration Cosmetics and Supplements
– Customized product's profile that includes detailed information on the main properties, suggested use and more!
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What is B2B Placement for Brands?
Brand Placement by iHairium is a strategic opportunity for hair care companies to feature their products directly within our app.
We aim to create a seamless connection between the iHairium users and your brand.
Thosands of active users from 30 countries can discover it!
Listed and rated globally, your brand is daily exposed on our app
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The Ultimate Benefits of B2B Placement
Benefit from direct marketing opportunities within the app, such as featured product spots and promotional campaigns.

Reduce costs and time for marketing and customer service by using iHairium's app.
All the Benefits!
Gain immediate access to a target market of users specifically interested in hair care products.

Leverage the platform to boost brand awareness, drive sales, and receive valuable customer feedback.
How virtual care media works
Data- driven
Added Value
For Clients
Get featured in the global catalog of the TOP hair care products
Don't miss the chance!
Enhance your competitive advantage
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Let us help expand your brand's reach
Online consultations & a network of medical virtualists (whitespace)
1:1 direct attribution
Ability to reach highly targeted condition-specific captive audience at scale
Female & male proven audience quality
Our users become your patients, accessing your clinic directly within their telehealth portal
Flat Fee Placement
Base Fee
This advanced package includes a base fee of $30/month, along with additional advertising/promotion fees tailored to your campaign's needs. It also incorporates a referral fee for each purchase made through the app.
Affordable Pricing is a key of success
  • Global Product’s List: Connect your brand with over 10,000 app users worldwide
  • Maximize brand exposure with tailored advertising and promotional campaigns
  • Benefit from a cost-effective referral system
Feature your brand on our app for a flat fee of $30/month. This basic plan offers a cost-effective solution for enhancing brand visibility and user reach.
  • Global Product’s Catalog: Connect your brand with over 10,000 app users worldwide
  • Direct access to a focused audience looking for hair care products
  • Straightforward pricing for budget-conscious brands
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Join these successful clinics and many others
in enhancing your reach and impact through iHairium
Lush Locks Haircare
Partnering with iHairium has been transformative for our brand. The visibility and direct customer engagement we've achieved have led to a significant increase in sales and brand recognition. It's an invaluable platform for connecting with our target audience
iHairium has provided us not just with a platform to sell, but a community to engage with. Our customer base has grown exponentially, and the feedback we receive has been instrumental in improving our product line
Hair Innovations
Pure Essence
Hair Solutions
The exposure and market insights we've gained through iHairium are unparalleled. We've seen a remarkable boost in online traffic and sales conversions since featuring our products on the app. This has been a game-changer for our digital strategy
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