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AI-Powered Hair & Skin Health Condition Diagnostic Tool
The Ultimate Solution
for Telemedicine Platforms
ihairium sdk ai scanner
Helping you earn more by reducing the time it takes
to diagnose patients with artificial intelligence
for hair and skin
AI diagnostics accuracy
Earn more for less time with AI
For businsses
For doctors
Additional revenue for your business due to increased patient flow, each doctor can attend to more patients per hour.Get detailed and precise data about your patients: medical histories and their digital behavior (user analytics). Besides that, you will empower your brand and technology with white-labeled AI.
AI-powered iHairium app is able to substitute a trichometer and make your diagnosis up to 5 times faster and up to 25% more precise, excluding a human factor and medical misperception due to online communication and device limitations (i.e. camera, connection, etc.).
For patiens
Instant and precise diagnostics with your own device, gamification, and lots of fun while getting a medical service: no boring or annoying stuff!

AI Diagnostics

  • Preliminary diagnosis
  • Patient responses
  • Patient data on your platform
in 10 minutes
AI iHairium, trained on clinical trials and 400,000 patients, analyzes the data and determines the outcome
AI networks analysis
Data input
The patient uploads a head photo and answers a questionnaire prior to the doctor’s consultation.*
ihairium sdk logo
ihairium sdk logo
This shortens each appointment by 15-20 minutes
No other solution on the market can match the accuracy and advanced patient analytics that our solution delivers.
Now is your chance to access revolutionary AI developments and stand out from the competition like never before!
Why iHairium?

Innovative white-label product
for Telemedicine platforms

Anyone can use from their phone anywhere in the world. Integrates with any product and is available in 12 languages
1-Touch access
AI diagnostics are reliable and independent. Trained based on clinical studies and the experience of thousands of users
Customize AI diagnostic
in your design – the user
won't notice the difference
Accuracy up to 98%
Customized design
We quickly integrate the SDK, you reduce the time it takes to attend each patient
With our AI service, you can:
Our AI is white-labeled, meaning you can customize it to match your own design and branding. You can also showcase your innovation and expertise to your customers and competitors.
Our AI can collect and analyze data from their medical histories and their digital behavior, helping you understand their needs and preferences better.
Get valuable insights about your patients
Attract more patients
to your business
Our AI can diagnose their hair and scalp problems quickly and accurately, so you can provide them with the best solutions and treatments.
Enhance your brand
and technology
Our AI can handle more patients per hour than
a human trichologist, reducing your waiting time and operational costs.
Save time and money

Driving MedTech and making AI accessible
to businesses, Doctors and their patients

More than 100 physicians in 12 countries use by AI IHairium
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