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AI trichologist iHairium mobile app online
Start with a free AI diagnosis based on your photo
3 times cheaper than treatment in clinic
Get rid of this
Hair loss
Hair breakage and dullness
Search for a trusted trichologist
Extensive damage
Noticeable alopecia
Inherited baldness
Hair loss during pregnancy
Fiding a clinic and assistance with hair transplants
Excessive greasiness of the scalp
Dryness and itching
Dandruff and rash
Selecting a shampoo that will really help
Selecting home care for beautiful hair
Hair Revolution on your phone
Start with a photo diagnosis of your scalp and hair
Get diagnosed in 7 minutes
Machine vision technology will replace a trichoscope and accurately identify the issues
Pass on your own
Trained by trichologists
on the basis of 200,000 studies and hands-on practice.
Do it sitting on the couch,
in the office or in any convenient place
and order professional products to be delivered to your home
Get a recovery plan and care recommendations
Don't trust the health of your hair to amateur advice offered on Google
There's a way to get more volume
Fast. Affordable. Clinically proven
You can get your follow-up diagnosis, make an appointment with a trichologist, dermatologist or nutritionist and find a hair transplant clinic at any time
iHairium is a lifetime support service for the health of your hair.
Online consultations anywhere in the world
59 $
after just 1 consultation
Recovery plan
Convenient for those who are in a small town, have relocated, are constantly on the move, or who have not found a specialist in their region
*Internationally qualified
Selecting a transplant clinic
from the Top 100 transplant clinics worldwide
High quality hair transplants.
Clinics that have performed a minimum of 1.000 transplants are included in the rankings
Affordable prices.
Even if the clinic is in another country, the cost of travel and hair transplant is more affordable
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